Working Holiday Visas: What I’ve learnt about life, love and literature

I will be heading back to the UK for a visit in about a months time, the visit coincides with my 30th Birthday, which has got me thinking about everything I’ve learnt about myself and doing a working holiday these past 19 months, closing the door on my 20s.

When people talk about travelling they talk about the way it changes you and yes it does change you, but for me at least it’s given me the freedom to explore and become the person I want to be.  As you’re constantly meeting new people and they don’t know who you were before so you can be whatever version of yourself around them you want to be.


Some of the lovely people I’ve met in Wellington

I think for most us doing the WHVs for most of the time, we’re static in one place living and working in a new city or town. I’ve lived and worked in 2 different cities Sydney and Wellington.  I’ve been different in both.

Sydney Harbour the side you don’t normally see

In Sydney I was pretending it seems to me now, I was acting and behaving in ways that I thought I should be whilst living ‘the dream’ in Sydney.  My reality was very different to the ‘dream’ life I thought I’d have.  Looking back now I feel like Sydney was just a big old learning curve for me, I felt overwhelmed in it. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great city and I had some great times there, it just wasn’t the right fit for me.


Wellington harbour at sunset

Wellington on the other hand, feels like home.  I feel like here I’ve become a person I like and a person I’d like to stay.  I’ve become a gym bunny, a party girl, hostel long termer, HR Coordinator and friend to a lot of awesome people. I am content here, and yeah life isn’t perfect a lot of things could be better but I have good friends, I like my gym, I don’t hate my job life could and has been a hell of a lot worse.


This is what I’ve learnt these past 19 months:

  • I needed to grow up a lot.
  • Life is what you make of it.
  • Nothing can live up to big expectations.
  • Reality is when it’s payday and you’re moneys already gone.
  • The cheaper hostels have the best people in.
  • Be that annoying person who talks to everyone that walks in their dorm room.
  • A bit of distance makes things clearer.
  • I can sit at home watching Netflix feeling sorry for myself or go out there and do something about life.
  • People can make a place, but a place can make people.
  • Being content is a great thing to be.
  • Being a heavy sleeper is a god send in Hostels.
  • Hostels are the best way to meet people while travelling. Embrace it.
  • Each new place you move to you’ll figure things out a bit more and get a step closer to what you want.
  • Wellington is the coolest little capital in the world I love it with all my heart.




I really resent the fact that the rest of the UK isn’t getting a say in this debate even though it will effect us just as much as Scotland.

It will send our currency plummeting, just as were finally coming out of the deepest recession in living memory. Which give him his dues David Cameron has steered us out fairly well not that I agree with all his measures ( I work in the public sector which still has a pay freeze) or particularly like him or Clegg or even Miliband for that matter.

I understand Scotland want more powers but it seems to me that Scotland already has a lot if benefits the rest if the UK don’t such as frees prescriptions (£8.05 in England) and no Uni fees (9k) in the rest of the UK. A lot of the yes arguments I’ve heard have been about how much they don’t like this conservative government. Well I didn’t vote conservative but it’s just the way that democracy works you don’t always get who you vote for and there’s going to be another election next year.

This is just my view and I’ve got a bit sick of it so haven’t watched or read all the coverage but I don’t understand how anyone Scot in their right mind could vote yes without knowing what currency they’ll have. It’s completely right of Westminster to refuse a currency union look what’s happens in the Euro zone and also why destabilise all 4 nations just when things are finally recovering from the recession? The UK are and Ireland isn’t which is another argument I’ve heard that because Ireland is independent Scotland can do the same… Well look how well they’re doing especially after joking the Euro (no offence Ireland I love you’re Emerald Isle)!

Like I said this is just my view and if I was Scottish not English I might have a different view but the thing is I am English and I just haven’t heard an argument that convinces me that there is any justification for Scotland to become independent… Especially as it will effect my life as well NOT just the people of Scotland.

LBC Debate UK vs the EU in or out

The debate this evening was really interesting. From my point of view both had very good arguments. Whilst I don’t think I could ever bring myself to vote UKIP I do agree with some of Farages points on our being in the EU.

My view of it is that we shouldn’t leave the EU completely, however I do think we need to renegotiate some of the terms of our being in the EU.

Immigration for starters not that I am racist or think that people from other countries shouldn’t be able to live in the UK. I do think a tightening of boarders isn’t a bad thing purely because as a small country we just simply don’t have the capacity to support all the extra people who are moving to the UK. I work for a County Council and one of our offices has just been closed as it’s due to be turned into a school. This is a classic case of the UK just not having the infrastructure to support immigration on the massive scale we’ve had in the last decade.

Some of the laws Brussels has imposed in us, I don’t necessarily agree with either. Purely because I think that the government should be able to make the laws of the land they’re governing. Such as giving prisoners the right to vote, I disagree with this because prison should be a punishment that should include having your right to vote taken away from you. You’ve broken the law and sentenced to spend however long behind bars therefore certain liberties you have should be taken away as it’s a punishment.

Anyway that’s my policy spiel for the evening. Over and out.


Sound the Stereo: New Found Glory announce headlining UK tour with Sum 41


Veteran pop – punk bands New Found Glory and Sum 41 have announced that they co-headline the Kerrang Tour tour next February. Tickets go on sale Friday 30 September and the full list of dates can be found below.



05 – DUBLIN Academy

Sound the Stereo: New Found Glory announce headlining UK tour with Sum 41