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Song of the Day – Best of British – Lower Than Atlantis – Deadliest Catch

My new favourite song, the videos not up on youtube yet but it’s on Scuzz and it’s hilarious.  I love the lyrics.

Ahoy there! All aboard!
This relationship is leaving shore.
Anchors aweigh as I set sail,
Through choppy seas, rain storms and gales.
The sun is rising on the horizon,
As I climb the mast, my heart’s capsizing
From the cro’s nest, where the view is best
I can see she’s swimming miles from where I’m casting nets.

I know they say there’s plenty more fish in the sea but that girl was
the best catch In 50, 000 leagues.

Electric eels couldn’t express what I feel
This vessel, she sunk cause I was drunk at the wheel
From port to starboard, man the life boats
She was taking in water, couldn’t keep her afloat.

Apparently no man’s an island,
But I’m deserted and hurting, suffering in silence
We rocked the boat when we skull and cross boned.
Should have listened to my first mate, now I’m all alone…


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