CALLIE: I said I love you. I said it. I said it out loud to your face. And ever since, you… I’ve never said that to a guy before. Never. And now I am just this idiot who says I love you and then gets avoided!
GEORGE: No! I’m not avoiding you. I promise.
CALLIE: You gonna say it back?
CALLIE: I’m humiliated. [George grabs her arms] No. George let me go. George, let me go! Let me go. Let me go.
GEORGE: Stop fighting me. If I say it back right now, you know I’m just saying it because you said it to me. When.. when I say I love you.. I want to mean it, because.. You just have to give me time to mean it.
CALLIE: I hate that I’m so into you.
        —Grey’s Anatomy, 2×27 Losing My Religion

CALLIE: Oh! I’m awake! I’m.. I’m.. see? I’m.. I’m totally awake. There’s hats and gifts and.. and.. and donuts! And.. lingerie. [blows party horn] Really? I don’t know. [laughs]
ARIZONA: I love you.
CALLIE: You do?
CALLIE: I love you too.
        —Grey’s Anatomy, 6×08 Invest In Love


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