Day 13 – A Non Fictional Book – The Dirt – Motley Crue

Even if your not a fan of Motley Crue this book is worth reading just for the intros to each chapter, they’re really funny. It also makes you realise how amazing it is @nikkisixx is still alive!

Some of my favorite Intros:

Of Micks delightful and happenstance encounter with a vendor of spirits

Of. About. And concerning the formation of Motley Crue: A chaotic assembalance of Minstrels. Journeymen. And Miscreants

Of the Bittersweet matter of Mick’s discovery that he has returned from a watery grave whilst a friend has passed from this life in his stead.

How fate came to Nikki in the form of a japanese buisnessman. An ancient soothsayer, an accomodating drug dealer, a pair of female fans and eight hundred prostitutes

Of important matters concerning, dinosaurs, komodo dragons, baseball caps and the proper method of shooting women


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