1. cesciero:

Arsenal fc , king of London …


    Arsenal fc , king of London …

  2. I swear being an Arsenal fan, actually shortens my life.  I LOVE that team, unconditionally, but I swear the match today took 10 years of my life!

    The first united goal, then RVPs missed chance, the open goal, Aarons missed chance, Arshavin coming on and then Theo being knocked out my heart was in my mouth…don’t like it when our boys get hurt.

    We played really well and all those missed chances were just bad luck, and 1-2 isn’t 8-2. As much as I hate to lose to Man Utd, overall very proud to be a Gooner tonight, I still trust Wenger even though he had a funny 5 minutes and decided to put Arshavin on, not that I have anything against Arshavin. It’s just Oxlade Chamberlain was having a great game and Arshavin hasn’t been playing well recently!