1. Song of the Day - Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live

    This is my favourite GC video by a mile… 

  2. Song of the Day - Good Charlotte - Little Things

    Yeah, This song is dedicated 
    [This is Good Charlotte] 
    To every kid who ever got picked last in gym class 
    [You know what I’m saying, 
    this is for you
    To every kid who never had a date to no school dance 
    [This is for you]
    To every one who’s ever been called a freak 
    [Y’all know what I’m saying] 

    I miss this GC and GC in general.

  3. Music Quiz

    Pick 5 artists that you love before reading the questions

    1. Kids in Glass Houses

    2.  Good Charlotte

    3. Brand New

    4. Fall Out Boy

    5. The Rolling Stones

    What was the first song you ever heard by 1?

    Give Me What I want or Saturday can’t remember

    Favorite Lyrics of 3?

    Pretty Much all of ‘Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t’

    How many times have you seen 4 live?

    errr I have no idea maybe 15 or more

    What is your favorite song by 2?

    atm March On

    Is there any song by 5 that makes you sad?

    You Can’t Always Get What You Want and Ruby Tuesday

    What is your favorite song by 1?

    Diamond Days atm

    When did you first get into 2?

    when they released Lifestyles

    How did you get into 3?

    err I saw the video for Jude Law and it had the Madden Twins in it also was an awesome song

    What is your favorite song by 4?

    the (shipped) gold standard or chicago is so two years ago

    What is a good memory concerning 1?

    seeing them live when I was in Sydney and having a laugh to myself that they were from south wales and were playing in new south wales…something aled picked up on as well

    Is there a song by 2 that makes you sad?

    emtionless, just because my Dad was so great and the most important person in my life and the song just makes me even sadder for them that their dad wasn’t there because Dads are good

    What is your favorite song of 5?

    It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll or Start Me Up or Brown Sugar

  4. Song of the Day - Good Charlotte - The River

    As I walk through the valley
    Of the shadow of LA
    The footsteps that were next to me
    Have gone their separate ways

    I’ve seen enough now
    To know that beautiful things
    Don’t always stay that way
    I’ve done enough now
    To know this beautiful place
    Isn’t everything they say

     love this song GC at their best

  5. Song of the Day - Good Charlotte - Motivation Proclamation

    They played this last night, brought back so many memories, I haven’t heard them play this song live for about 8 years, made me feel 16 again! I’ve always loved this song, the GC album is so good, I’m glad they’ve started playing songs from it again.

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    Good Charlotte Announce One Off Date


    Maryland rockers Good Charlotte have announced a one off London show in August.  The quintet will be playing at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire on 7th August tickets are ons ale now and can be found here.

  7. Song of the Day - Good Charlotte - The Click

    Just because I walk like Obi-Wan Kenobi
    You people talk
    But you don’t even know me
    And that’s all right ’Cause I get down with GC
    So I walk on and listen to their CD
    Some people laugh, they do it just to spite me
    Behind my back, they don’t know what I see
    But I don’t care what they say
    I don’t need them anyway
    I’ll just go about my day
    But anyway

  8. Song of the Day - Good Charlotte - The Anthem

    This is an anthem, I love it.  GC are just as good now as they were then and they absolutely killed it last night on the kerrang tour.  If I could rewind their set and have it all again I would.

  9. The hair is still so awesome!

    The hair is still so awesome!